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Live the experience of swimming with the whale sharks in Cozumel!

The island of Cozumel is known for its unbeatable scuba diving sites. The waters surrounding this Caribbean island off the Yucatan Peninsula are home to dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, and more. It also features a unique underwater museum of submerged sculptures. It is a great destination for a tranquil vacation for families, friends, and couples. You will find out there is something for everyone to have a great time! Do not miss the opportunity to go on a whale shark tour or scuba diving adventure in Cozumel.

White sand, palm trees and clear blue waters make Cozumel a great tropical destination. With countless beach options, you can spend your days in beach clubs, doing water sports and swimming in the ocean. Rent a car, jeep or bike and wander around! On your vacation you could visit botanic gardens, eco-parks, and a pearl farm. The island is not fully developed so you may even get the chance to watch exotic birds, starfishes, sea turtles and crocodiles on their natural habitat. Cozumel was sacred to the Mayan people as an offer to Ixchel, the goddess of fertility so, visiting a Mayan archaeological site such as the one of San Gervasio would add a great cultural experience to your vacation. 

There are plenty of top-quality all-inclusive resorts and boutique hotels in Cozumel which ensure an enjoyable visit.  If food is important for you when choosing a destination, you will not be disappointed, expect mouthwatering dishes and many cuisine options on your vacation. At night, after having dinner at your favorite place, you could visit the downtown area and choose a bar to have a great time in. 

Cozumel is home of the second largest coral reef system in the world so marine activities are a must here. This is an amazing location to swim with whale sharks and other wildlife. The waters are so clear that you don´t have to be an experienced diver to go on adventures. Depending on your preference you could spend the day swimming with dolphins or snorkeling in the reef. If you wish for a deeper adventure, going on a scuba diving excursion would add unforgettable memories to your trip. 

Of all the sea creatures, one of the most amazing is the whale shark. Whale sharks can measure up to 12 meters, making them the biggest fish in the ocean! They are completely comfortable with humans and feed on plankton. Our tours provide everything you need for an unforgettable adventure, including transportation and snorkel gear. Book your Cozumel whale shark tour today for the experience of a lifetime.