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Jump into the beautiful clear waters surrounding Holbox Island and swim with the largest fish in the ocean! Holbox is part of the Yum Balam Nature Reserve, and it’s home to a variety of species, from flamingos and pelicans to sea turtles and whale sharks.

The gentle whale sharks thrive in these nutrient-rich waters, making it the perfect place to observe these unique creatures. We provide everything you need. Book your tour today!

Holbox is a paradisiacal island located in the Gulf of Mexico, classified as a magical town since 2001, its town of originally fishermen gives you a warm welcome to this beautiful place and invites you to live a unique and incomparable adventure in the whole world, swimming with whale sharks.

Holbox was founded in 1880 as part of an operation called the East Coast Colonization Company, and as a direct result of the survivors of the caste war seeking a better future, although the area was always inhabited by Mayans.

The island has some festivities that are celebrated with great joy in the town, such as the unique fishing tournament that takes place in April and where all members of the family participate, or the ramada held in December in where children sing Christmas carols throughout the town with the aim of raising funds to hold parties among all their friends.

Holbox is a destination where you can enjoy nature as in very few places, since it is home to many species of birds, such as cormorants, frigates, pelicans and flamingos that can be observed in the mornings and afternoons feeding.

One of the most popular beaches on the island is Punta Cocos, which has several beach clubs, as well as the popular hammocks on the beach, which have gone viral for their incredible photos, it is the place with one of the best views to watch the sunset.

Today Holbox is a tourist destination recognized for its beaches and spectacular sunsets, but without a doubt the most important activity is swimming with whale sharks, during the months of June to September you can enjoy one of the greatest attractions in the world.

The season begins on June 1, the boats have all the equipment you need to carry out the activity, life jackets are mandatory, we also have sandwiches as well as water and sodas.

In Holbox we leave early in the morning, we will pick you up between 6:30 and 7:10 a.m. but the exact time will be confirmed one day before the tour, swimming with whale sharks is a magnificent experience, but you have to remember that whale sharks They are not chained and they depend on Mother Nature for this tour.

Whether you are in Holbox or want to visit the island, you cannot miss the opportunity to swim with the whale shark, so do not hesitate to visit us and live a unique experience.